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Valerian and the city of a thousand planets
Sound redesign

Berlin Internation Sound Design Competition 2019

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I'm Giacomo and I'm an italian sound designer.
My journey in audio began when I was a young
bass player.
Writing and recording music led me to discover my passion for audio engineering and for this reason I attended an audio tech course at "Teatro Alla Scala" academy in Milan.
After my graduation I started working as a freelance, specialising in sound design for visual media.
During the last couple of years I've been focusing mainly on game audio, field and studio recording.
At the moment I'm working as a sound designer at Limitless Games in Barcelona.


Let's chat!
Drop me a line at

War Tourist Trailer
Sound Design & Audio Post (VR)

Plexus Experiment
Sound Design

A Cup of Coffee With Marilyn
Sound Design & Audio Post

Leafe Trailer
Sound Design

Romaldo Ep.1
Sound Design

Unto The End
Sound Redesign

Ucronia the Path
Sound Design

Faber Airlane
Sound Design

Stuff Symphony
Creative Sound Design for Music

Sonicmeal Ringtone
Creative Sound Design for Music

Sound Design

Alchemist Digital
Sound Design

I have a growing passion for field and foley recorindg.
You can find some of my libraries on
At the moment I'm working to release my first indipendent library,
so stay tuned!